Friday, June 18, 2010

Digital Stress Has Moved!

So I just wanted post something up real quick for my 3 followers; I have moved my blog to Wordpress has many other features that work a lot better for myself than blogger/blogspot does. Not to mention it's just easier that than the later. Please update your Reader Subscriptions, or you just join my new feed at my new home.

Sorry for the sad news, but in the end it will all work the same! Make sure you check out my lastest post/read "One Pasword to Rule them All"!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Addendum to the afore mentioned

So I just wanted to post a small little addendum/rant to the previous post about how bad AT&T is really going to “Bend over” their new customers when they go to the new data plans. My wife and I happen to be talking about her cell phone and AT&T when we decided to look at her usage.. (She is currently a $30 unlimited data user who will be allowed to keep this plan when the new plans role out.) However, I had to take a double take when I realized her usage was 2171.28 MB! Yes, do the math 1 GB = 1024 MB, so she used 2.1 GB of Data service! Now some perspective: lets say she was on the LAME 200MB “DataPlus” plan for $15 per month; This means she would have been charged $163.37 for data usage; because you are charged $15 more for every 200 MB over you use. And well 2,171.28 MB divided by 200 MB = 10.89 x $15 = $163.37. So now we take our DataPlus charge of $163.37 + $20 for unlimited text messaging + $48 phone plan you got a sweet little iPhone bill of: $203.37. Um dude, I was paying a little less than this for 2 iPhones 3 months ago!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AT&T Sticks it to new customers!!

Well, it was only a matter of time before AT&T decided to start metering their customer data usage. It appears that that AT&T will be providing new data plans for new customers as of June 7, 2010. Existing customers and “Re-ups” will not be affected by this change, however new folks will get with stuck with “DatPlus” and “DataPro” packages.

DataPlus ($15 per month): Up to 200MB of data in a monthly billing cycle. According to AT&T, this plan is "designed for people who primarily like to surf the web, send email and use social networking apps." If you exceed your 200MB limit during the billing cycle, you'll be charged only $15 for each additional 200MB of data.

DataPro ($25 per month): Up to 2GB of data in a monthly billing cycle. If you exceed your 2GB limit during the billing cycle, you'll be charged only $10 for each additional 1GB of data.” Yahoo News

Of course AT&T will be providing the long awaited option of “Tethering” (Tethering provides the ability to connect your iPhone/BlackBerry/(Supported)SmartPhone to your computer/laptop/netbook and use it as a wireless modem for internet access)when the new 4.0 OS and next Gen Device are released sometime this month. No one knows for sure, if existing customers (like me) who already have an unlimited data plan will also be able to take advantage of tethering, however I’m willing to be that I’m not that lucky.