Saturday, June 13, 2009

Computer Management: FAIL!

Ah nothing like testing my blog postage when things go wrong! Recently my computer decided to blow up and cause a big SNAFU in my life! So since it's recreation, I've had to re-establish my blog connection in my editing program. Things seem to be in a much better working order than they were in the past. One thing I must recommend to all of you computer users, BACKUP YOUR DATA!!! I keep all my important info stored on an external drive. I also map all my users "My documents" folder to the external drive as well. It just makes things a little easier to manage. However this time around, along with mapping the "My Documents" folders, I've also decided to partition my single hard drive into two partitions. This will help in keeping my precious system files and bloated "Program Files" apart on the disc. It actually has improved my system performance as well!