Friday, June 4, 2010

Addendum to the afore mentioned

So I just wanted to post a small little addendum/rant to the previous post about how bad AT&T is really going to “Bend over” their new customers when they go to the new data plans. My wife and I happen to be talking about her cell phone and AT&T when we decided to look at her usage.. (She is currently a $30 unlimited data user who will be allowed to keep this plan when the new plans role out.) However, I had to take a double take when I realized her usage was 2171.28 MB! Yes, do the math 1 GB = 1024 MB, so she used 2.1 GB of Data service! Now some perspective: lets say she was on the LAME 200MB “DataPlus” plan for $15 per month; This means she would have been charged $163.37 for data usage; because you are charged $15 more for every 200 MB over you use. And well 2,171.28 MB divided by 200 MB = 10.89 x $15 = $163.37. So now we take our DataPlus charge of $163.37 + $20 for unlimited text messaging + $48 phone plan you got a sweet little iPhone bill of: $203.37. Um dude, I was paying a little less than this for 2 iPhones 3 months ago!

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